• Brenden Sommerhalder

    Brenden Sommerhalder

    Defender of reason. Finder of facts.

  • Elva Zhou

    Elva Zhou

    A Caper-nese who is a psychological consultant with an MBA, a fan of positive psychology, a CED&Social Entrepreneurship Lover, and a piano player and teacher.

  • Ed Halverson

    Ed Halverson

  • Carey Rolfe

    Carey Rolfe

    Making Sustainable Mainstream: Solterra Ventures -||- Commercial, Marine & Aerial Photography: Cimian Digital Works

  • Pieter Rondhuis

    Pieter Rondhuis

  • Belgravia B&B

    Belgravia B&B

    Innkeeper. NSCC Faculty. Mom to four who curl, dance & make music. Local enthusiast. Traveler. Reader. Entertainer. Loyal friend. Optimist.

  • Kristen Brown

    Kristen Brown

    Radio & TV; Broadcast Journalism Major

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