Katie Brogan, a Dalhousie Social Work grad, collaborates with partners and engages with vulnerable youth.

Funding Available to Hire New Grads

As we face labour shortages and shift into a digitized economy, a new graduate with new energy and the most updated skills could be exactly what your organization needs to stay in motion.

For the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning (MCCL), tapping into young talent was a no-brainer.

They hired Katie Brogan, a graduate of Dalhousie’s Social Work program to collaborate with key partners and engage vulnerable youth in programs. Tucked in downtown Dartmouth, MCCL acts as a community hub for youth, and helps them reach their passion and purpose through the magic of the arts.

Hiring Katie was made easier with Graduate to Opportunity (GTO) which offsets the costs of hiring a recent post-secondary graduate for a full-time permanent job. All non-profits and registered charities in Nova Scotia are eligible for this funding.

“Grads like Katie bring energy and different perspectives that add value to all aspects of our organization,” says Heather MacDonald, Executive Director at MCCL. “With her as our outreach program manager we can further support youth in their own communities beyond our brick and mortar.”

“Our work at MCCL expresses unwavering dedication to being completely youth-driven,” says Katie. “The community here that the youth create is uplifting and encouraging and fits hand in hand with my passion for social justice.”

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