Dennis Prendergast, founder Prendergast Surveys Limited, with recent grad and employee Rory Roach.

Landing top talent in Cape Breton

Tucked in the midst of Cape Breton’s former mining communities, a land surveying firm from the ’80s is finding new and better ways to use its technology.

A key player in the equation? A new grad with the most updated skills.

“Our new grad is up on the latest technology and showed us more efficient ways of using our equipment,” says Dennis Prendergast, Founder and Land Surveyor at Prendergast Surveys Limited. “He showed us a better way to use our controller tech when collecting field data, and this is increasing our business efficiency.”

Hiring Rory Roach, a recent geomatics engineering graduate from University of New Brunswick, was made easier for Prendergast Surveys Ltd, with the help of Graduate to Opportunity (GTO).

GTO offers 25% of a grad’s first-year salary — 35% if the grad is from an diverse group — and 12.5% in the second year to small businesses, start-ups and non-profits that create permanent full-time jobs for recent grads in Nova Scotia.

“GTO gives you that financial assistance to be able to pay a new graduate a good starting wage while they are learning on the job,” says Prendergast.

Roach is a survey technician who collects field data for topographical maps, legal boundaries, and constructions sites. “I am exposed to a diverse range of work,” says Roach. “I interpret the data I collect to produce legal survey plans and other deliverables for clients.”

“It’s important for Nova Scotia businesses to hire youth, not only so knowledge and experience is passed onto future generations like us, but also because we help bolster business current day,” says Roach.

Prendergast and Roach both know that young people fresh out of school are exposed to cutting-edge technology and new ways of working, which can help employers grow and adapt through economic change.

“Without youth in your workforce you are missing out on fresh ideas,” says Prendergast. “If we can keep our youth in Cape Breton and in important small business sectors that are vital to the region, everyone benefits.”

Roach enjoys living and working in Cape Breton for the strong sense of community.

When you are ready to hire someone new, consider hiring a recent grad.

To date, more than 700 organizations like Prendergast Surveys Ltd have hired more than 1,400 recent graduates across Nova Scotia using GTO funding. Complete applications are typically approved within three to five days.

GTO could save you money on the next person you hire. Learn more.



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