Recent NSCC grad Boris Spacek is working full-time in Digby for marine electronic company Atlantic Electronics.

New Grads Crucial to Business Growth

Nova Scotia’s GTO program helps inject new ideas to fill gaps in businesses

A Dartmouth-based marine electronics company is building a strong and reliable reputation, thanks to the talented young technicians who serve their clients across the province every day.

Many of those techs are recent graduates.

Atlantic Electronics recently hired three Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) grads straight out of the electronics program: Boris Spacek, Timothy Charles and Zachary Semchuk.

“A lot of senior staff have retired from the company, so these new hires are crucial to the continuation and growth of our work,” says Collins.

Graduate to Opportunity (GTO) lowers the cost of hiring a recent graduate for start-ups, small businesses of under 100 full-time employees, non-profits and social enterprises.

Employers receive 25% of a grad’s first year salary (35% if the grad is from a designated diverse group) and 12.5% of a grad’s second year salary.

Spacek grew up in New Brunswick and is now working full-time in Digby.

“I enjoy the autonomy and responsibility given to me to do my job. The skills I picked up at NSCC allowed me to enter this industry with an extra edge. I am happy to be motivated by something I enjoy doing,” he says.

More than 600 organizations, like Atlantic Electronics, have hired more than 1,000 recent graduates across Nova Scotia using GTO funding.

Graduate to Opportunity could save your business money on the next person you hire. The process is quick and easy — applications are typically turned around within five business days.

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